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You have the ability to configure, run and work with more than just one project. That's why you have two listings here.

  • Top: Listings of all projects
  • Bottom: Listing of all websites found by highlighted project

Certain functions are not available when a project is running (searching, checking and/or submitting). Other than that, you can always right click on the project or website to open popup menus for more options.

There are different colors that should give you a quick overview:

  • green → good website where a message was sent or a contact form found
  • red → no contact link or form was found
  • blue → the website was filtered out according to your settings

Manual Message Submission

An interesting feature that you might want to use is a manual submission to a website. You can right click on the website and choose “Submit Message” (preferable when there was already a check done). A form is shown and filled with the data that the program would normally input on a automated submission as seen below.

It of course makes sense to review things before you start a project and submit the message automatically.

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