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GSA URL Redirect PRO [en]

When you click on the down arrow next to the Start/Stop button, you can access the popup menu with settings.

Single URL

Start the submission then the URL/Keyword entered in the two boxes.

Multiple URLs

Opens a dialog where you can enter/import more than one URL to work with. You can import URLs in the following format to also add keywords with them.,Best SEO Software

Validate URL List

This let's you import a file with redirect URLs that you can re-verify and remove those who are no longer working.

Number of Threads to use

The program is able to work on more than one submission at a time. You can change the number (default 10) of simultaneous submissions (also called threads) here. You should not use more than 300 unless your PC can really handle it.

There are different ways how a URL redirect can be set on a site. The best one is a 301 redirect. You can specify what type of links you want and the program will leave out the others when submitting.

Filter by PR

This let's you filter out sites having a Google PR below a certain value.

Filter by Site

This let's you choose the sites you want to use.

When submitting, the program is trying to use your keyword within the URL. This however is not always possible. When using this filter, it is not submitting to sites where the resulting URL is not using the keywords.

Recursive Mode

When enabled, this will create so called Tiers where one redirect URL points to another and finally to your wanted site.

Without Recursive Mode →

With Recursive Mode 1 → → → → → →

With Recursive Mode 2 → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → →

Use Proxies

Some URL Shortener's do not like it when you create new URLs all the time. Using a proxy and a different IP each time will overcome this limitation.

Configure Proxies

When enabled proxies, you can configure things here. It's the same dialog and options that you can find in other GSA programs. Please read here for more.

Configure Indexers

This program creates just the URLs, but does not submit them to any place. And thats something you have to make sure it happens in any way. You can use other SEO tools like our GSA Search Engine Ranker or leave this job to the indexing services that the software comes with. There are over 15 different indexing services configurable in our software you can choose from.

Indexing services have all there own strategies but the aim is always the same. They try to get a URL/Link indexed within search engines. And thats what you want to get better rankings.

Import Custom sites

In case the software is missing any URL Shortener services, you can import them here. Prepare a text file with your URLs in it one per line.

Minimize to Tray

A simple option that will put the task to the tray icon once you minimize it.


If a process is running, you can try aborting it with this menu item. Please note that aborted tasks will not send the created URLs to indexing services when finished.

What to do with the Redirect URLs?

Now that you created a lot of those redirect URLs, you might ask yourself how to use them and for what? Well thats of course up to you but usually people use them in two ways:

  1. You might want to use them again in link building software in a way that the software does not build links directly to the URL you want, but using the redirect URLs. This will hide the URL and gives usually a better ranking.
  2. Another way to use it is with so called Indexing services. Basically those indexing services will create links as well and help to create traffic and backlinks. The tool comes with many indexing services you can directly use.
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