Welcome to GSA Search Engine Ranker documentation.

GSA Search Engine ranker (GSA SER) is a powerful and easy to use SEO backlink utility to help assist you in getting to the top position in internet search engines.

Building backlinks manually is a long and grueling task. With GSA SER, you can automate your backlink building and never have to worry about it again.

  • Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Vista, XP, 7, 8, …
  • 1GB+ RAM
  • 1GB+ hard disk space
  • Internet connection (cable/DSL)
  • Windows 7, 8, 2008/2012 Server
  • 4GB+ RAM
  • 10GB+ hard disk
  • 10+ High speed anonymous elite proxies
  • VPS or a dedicated Windows server hosted off-site
  • T1+ internet connection

Application Hosting

Although you may run GSA SER on your home/office computer(s), it is sometimes a good idea to avoid ISP problems and run it on a VPS.

Not all hosting vendors allow the use of SEO tools on their systems. Make sure you ask the vendor before purchasing. Known hosting vendors that have no problems with our products are:

Proxy Services

Proxies are used to hide your real IP and so your identity on the Internet when you post your links on sites. Sometimes you just don't want to get tracked back to your real location for whatever reason. The services below can be recommended to archive this.

Captcha Services

A lot sites need a captcha to be filled out before you can sign up or create a link. This can be skipped, filled by yourself, by a software or by a service. It is really recommended to use GSA Captcha Breaker as first service and one of the others like DeCaptcher as backup for more complicated captchas that can not be solved by a software.

Indexing Services

Even though you can create a lot backlinks with this software, you should also care about them getting indexed by search engines. Because only known links on search engines will improve your ranking. The following services can be used in the software to send the created backlink automatically to one of the services who will take care of it. The GSA SEO Indexer is software solution where you do not have a monthly cost which should be used at first. Though it does not hurt to use some other service (costs money each month or for each URL).

Submittal Engines Services

This service is not maintained by GSA but was introduced by a customer of the product. The included web2.0 sites did change there layout and way they work too often to keep them active by the GSA team all alone. That service however is adding new engines all the time and also fixes each one of them when they change. Though you need to pay for this service as it is a very time consuming job to keep track of changes.

  • with many further web2.0 engines
  • Social Addon for Search Engine Ranker (down) with engines for facebook, twitter, linkedin and so on

Email Accounts

A lot engines require an email setup where you need to have an email and the associated data to access it. You can yous your daily email account but thats usually filled with spam after submitting. Most people prefer an own account for submission tasks.

Rank Tracking Services

If you want to follow your keyword ranking while a project is running you need to have an account on or AccuRanker. You can enter the API key on programs options and on project options you can specify which keywords you want to track. A small icon is displayed in front of each project indicating the progress.