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 +====== Captcha Breaker ======
 +  - Open Captcha Breaker options
 +  - Select Simulate Decaptcher (select Decaptcher only)
 +  - Select Run as Web Server with port 80
 +  - Add a captcha service, we recommend [[http://​2captcha.com/?​from=1657|2captcha]] since there will be a lot more complicated captchas that Captcha Breaker can not solve.
 +====== RankerX ======
 +  - Go to RankerX Options
 +  - Open Captcha Tab
 +  - Choose Decaptcher as your primary Captcha Service
 +  - (Optional) You should choose a backup captcha service too
 +  - Open Google No Captcha Tab and choose a captcha service. Currently there are two captcha services that support Google No Captcha like [[http://​2captcha.com/?​from=1657|2captcha]]. You SHOULD choose a captcha service for Google No Captcha because 1/3 of high authority Web 2.0 sites are using Google No Captcha and increasing.
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