1. Go to RankerX Options
  2. Open Captcha Tab
  3. Choose Decaptcher as your primary Captcha Service
  4. (Optional) You should choose a backup captcha service too
  5. Open Google No Captcha Tab and choose a captcha service. Currently there are two captcha services that support Google No Captcha like 2captcha. You SHOULD choose a captcha service for Google No Captcha because 1/3 of high authority Web 2.0 sites are using Google No Captcha and increasing.

Captcha Breaker

  1. Open Captcha Breaker options
  2. Select Simulate Decaptcher (select Decaptcher only)
  3. Select Run as Web Server with port 80
  4. Add a captcha service, we recommend 2captcha since there will be a lot more complicated captchas that Captcha Breaker can not solve.

Attention: Please extra check that firewall on your system and/or VPS is not blocking certain ports!