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 ====== Proxy Options ====== ====== Proxy Options ======
-still to be done.+The same dialog appears in many GSA tools. It might differ in it's design, but the functions and options are all the same. 
 +You can add proxies here, test them and also use a scheduled function to automate this from finding new public proxies, testing and removing them again when failed too often. 
 +The software comes with many thousand sources from where to gather new proxies and it is constantly updated. 
 +Not all providers are chosen by default and you might want to change that clicking on //Add/Edit providers//​. 
 +In that dialog you can also add new providers or even load things from a local file. 
 +//Sorry for not finding time to describe the functions here in detail. Thats something I will have to do once I find the time.//