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 ====== Program Help ====== ====== Program Help ======
 +GSA SER offers readily available assistance when you need it. Simply click on the toolbar help button and a list of menu items will be available.
 +  * **View Manual** - Brings up the user manual. Note that the user manual may be outdated and replaced by the contents of this Wiki. (*)
 +  * **View Script Manual** - For advanced users who want to create their own scripts for submittal engines. (*)
 +  * **View Macro Guide** - For advanced users who want to generate content programmatically "on the fly" in submission fields.
 +  * **View Version History** - Launches Notepad to bring up a text file showing the full version history of changes to the program since inception.
 +  * **Homepage** - Launches your browser to take you to the GSA SER product page.
 +  * **Forum** - Launches your browser to take you to the GSA SER support forums.
 +  * **Suggestions/Feedback** - Brings up a dialog box to submit suggestions and feedback. Do not use this to submit bugs.
 +  * **Create BugReport** - Brings up a dialog box to submit bugs to developer. Please supply Windows version, GSA version, third party software version (if any) and explicit steps to recreate the bug.
 +  * **Check for Updates** - Checks to see if a new version update is required and if so, will download and execute the patch to update to the current supported version.
 +  * **About** - Shows GSA version number and name of user product is registered to.
 +(*) //A PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat is required.//