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 +====== How to change PC/License ======
 +  - Make backups of projects of GSA Search Engine Ranker (optional):​\\ Start the program (if you haven'​t it running already) and right click on one project. Then choose "​**Modify Project** -> **Backup All Projects**"​ or "​**Backup Selected Project**"​
 +  - Make backup of settings of GSA Search Engine Ranker (optional):​\\ Click "​**Options**"​ and on the lower left on that window you see\\ "​**Backup Settings**"​.
 +  - Uninstall the Program from the old PC/VPS using the Start Menu.
 +  - Download the demo version from our homepage (www.gsa-online.de) and install it on the new PC/VPS.
 +  - Register it using the same License (Name/​Serial) that you received on your order E-Mail.
 +  - Restore backups in a similar war as descried in 1st and 2nd point.
 +I hope this helps you a bit.