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-====== External APIs ====== 
-Each project can use other external programs or websites to get data from. Right now you can choose between two: 
-===== SerpCloud ===== 
-When entering data here, you [[search_engine_ranker:​proxy_options|get ranking data]] to that project. 
-===== FCS Networker ===== 
-Once you enter the project ID and the API Key from [[http://​jvz9.com/​c/​65549/​49563|FCS]],​ you will be able to get verified URLs from there service imported to the project'​s verified URLs. 
-URLs are not imported to the projects URLs, but into the projects verified URLs. 
-It turned out to have more control about the URLs than simply taking the URL to the project data. You can use a tier project linked to that FCS enabled one and let it build links to it. 
-It will be possible to extract anchors and sometimes detect the used platform from the links. Later re-verification is also possible. 
-This all would not be possible when simply using the URL in the project itself as URL-Data. 
-FCS is queried for new verified URLs every 30 minutes when verification starts. 
-To sum it up. This function is only importing verified URLs from FCS, no accounts or anything alike. The aim is to have a project linked to the FCS project to start building tier links.