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-====== Edit Project ====== 
-The Edit project screen is where you fill in engine specific fields. What fields to fill in depends upon which engine types you select. Every engine and website uses different field inputs. Some may be required or can be completely optional. 
-To keep the data unique and dynamic to avoid duplication and similarity, you can supply [[search_engine_ranker:macro_guide|spin formatted syntax]]. in the data fields where applicable. 
-Input fields are appended to the data settings screen as new engine types you choose are added. For example, if you choose Blog comment engine types, an additional field named Blog Comment will appear for you to fill in. 
-  * [[search_engine_ranker:where_to_submit|Where to submit]] 
-  * [[search_engine_ranker:project_settings|Project Options]] 
-  * [[search_engine_ranker:article_manager|Article Manager]] 
-  * [[search_engine_ranker:email_verification|Email accounts]]