GSA Object Counter [en]

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The GSA Object Counter program was developed for the automatic recognition and classification of two-dimensional objects. The tool consists of two analysis methods for object recognition, which are independent of each other. Method number one uses a neural network. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to try to assign new objects to trained object groups. This procedure was tested in a practical approach with different objects (objects, numbers) and produced very good results. The second object recognition method is a color-based analysis method. Also this method has proven itself in practice (detection of different PET bottles). The method, using a neural network, is suitable for objects that differ from one another in terms of their object shape. The color analysis method is to be preferred if objects have the same shape but differ in their coloring.

Other program functions:

  • Video interface for image capture and object recognition
  • configurable trigger mechanism with time delay (avoids motion blur)
  • Timer-based image monitoring
  • Monitoring of defined image areas
  • adjustable image filters (Gaussian filter, edge selection, B / W transformation, object centering)
  • configurable result output

GSA Software Tutorials Object Counter published on 2021-03-02 by GSA