GSA Keyword Research

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The product was designed to make keyword research as easy as possible. It has grown over time and many customers use it for analyzing there websites and to improve there On-Page SEO.

You can manage your keywords in projects, sort them in sub-groups and even TAG them as seen in the screenshot below.

At the start of the keyword you can see it's search intent, indicated by an icon (move your mouse over it to see details) and at the other columns you see the search volume, search results amount or cost-per-click.

GSA Keyword Research Main GUI

When it comes to Keyword Research it is all about finding new keywords and filtering.

But the name of the product GSA Keyword Research is maybe a bit misleading. The software can do much more than that. It comes with:

This will quickly show what keyword has a potential to build content and easily rank for. A search with a keyword is performed on your selected search engine. The keyword is checked on all of the search results to see if the content is already optimized for it and a SEO-Score is assigned to the keyword to easily see what holds potential to own a keyword.

You can also search for free domain names once a keyword is found that is in your interest. Having the keyword itself in the domain name is a strong sign for search engines and improves your ranking.

An On-Page SEO module where all you do is choose a keyword and compare your website against the top rankings found with that keyword in search engines.

It quickly helps you to find out why others rank better than you.