SEO Terms Explained

SEO can be complicated with all the short terms and abbreviation. This little index will help you to understand what certain terms mean.

  • SEO = Search Engine Optimization, stands for a technique that is trying to improve the visibility/ranking of a webpage in search engines in a way that the position is moving to the top when a user searches with certain keywords.
  • Ranking means basically the same as SEO and directly means the position of a webpage in search engines result listing for a certain keyword.
  • Keyword is meant for a single word or a phrase you input on a search engine to search for something.
  • On-Page SEO is a term used when you try to improve the ranking of your site when just improving the webpage itself with better content.
  • Off-Page SEO in opposite means the improvement of your ranking by creating backlinks pointing to your website.
  • Backlink - A backlink is a link placed on an external website pointing to your own website. Basically someone can say that the more backlinks you have, the more important your website seems for search engines and the better the ranking can get. However, the quality of the external webpage is very important and it can also hurt your ranking when the link comes from a low quality webpage.
  • PR = PageRank and is a ranking that google once used to classify the importance of a webpage (PR0 not important, lowest / PR10 most important). This ranking was once visible for everyone until google discontinued the possibility to see the PR value for a webpage. Please read more about this topic on the GSA PR Emulator software.
  • Threads = Threads are usually tasks that are performed at the same time (parallel) and not one after another (in sequence).

We will continue to update this page whenever there are terms that I feel need some explanation.