Images in E-Mails

The software does not allow you to attach images or other files. However it is possible to create HTML E-Mails with images in it by following this Guide.

  • a) You can upload your images on your own webserver and use the resulting URLs.
  • b) Or use free image hosting web sites like and upload your images.

As seen in the image above, you will first click on “Crate HTML text”, write your text and return to the prepared html template. The next part is a bit complicated as you need to find the place in the html source where you want to place the image. Once found, you would write…

<img src="" />

Thats it. In the resulting email sent to the customer, it will show the image.

Please click TEST in E-Mail Settings to see if the result is what you expected. Of course it is also possible to design some HTML emails with another program (also with your favorite E-MAil client) and copy/paste the source into the program.