Manual Article Creation

Writing your own articles was never been easier as with the internal Editor.

Self-Writing Articles

Beside the normal input's for the title and article body, you will see two other fields at the right and bottom of the form.

The program is able to get you all the important keywords that should be present in your article if you want to rank on the first page.

It's doing a query with the entered Main Term on a search engine and will extract all the related keywords that seem to play a role in ranking.

A double click on one of the found keywords will put it in the bottom “Search for” field and perform a search.

With this tool you are able to perform a search on your previously collected content to get a sentences with that “Search for” term included.

You can define where this search should be performed (RAW Data, Created Articles or Search-Results as done for the nGram-Data).

A double click on the found sentences will insert it into the article.