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-====== LinkAssistant SEO PowerSuite====== 
-[[http://​www.seopowersuite.com/​|SEO PowerSuite]] might be the most known product from [[http://​www.seopowersuite.com/​linkassistant/​|LinkAssistant]]. Here is how you should get it going. 
-  - Start your LinkAssistant product 
-  - Start Captcha Breaker and turn on the webserver and LinkAssist simulation 
-  - In your LinkAssist product you go to options and use as AntiCaptcha-Key:​ **AC-0123456789ABCDEF** 
-  - A Test in your LinkAssistant product should be successful now 
-You should use some captcha service in CaptchaBreaker like de-captcha to let it work as some kind of a proxy. The reason for this is that most captchas from LinkAssist are hard to solve. Though as LinkAssist got insane prices to solve captchas, you will see this solution paying out for you in a short time. 
-Also note that the order of starting first the LinkAssistant product and later Captcha Breaker is very important. Else the LinkAssistant product might not start due to manipulation of the host file which is required for Captcha Breaker to re-route the captcha requests.