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    - What method to use for what captchas    - What method to use for what captchas
-Some good tutorials have been written by very active forum user **Ozz** (thanks again): +Please see the [[captcha_breaker:tutorials|tutorials]] for details on how to use it.
- +
-[[http://​forum.gsa-online.de/​discussion/​1378/​sdk-for-dummies-how-to-improve-existing-captcha-definitions|SDK for Dummies - How to improve existing captcha definitions]]\\  +
-[[http://​forum.gsa-online.de/​discussion/​1372/​sdk-for-dummies-how-to-make-your-own-captcha-definition|SDK for Dummies - How to make your own captcha definition]]\\  +
-[[http://​www.inetsolutions.org/​gsa-captcha-breaker-ultimate-tutorial-and-honest-review-seo-software-of-the-gods/​|A good tutorial that covers everything]]+