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 +====== iMacro ======
 +The [[http://​www.iopus.com/​imacros/​|iMacro]] system is a script language that can be used in almost any browser to automate things. You can use it with Captcha Breaker as well when using the following script with it. Please take it as a sample. You might have to change the bold parts in it to work.
 +//'​Maybe change the name and path and make sure you have the rights on the folder to read/​write//​\\ ​
 +FILEDELETE NAME=c:​\captcha.jpg\\ ​
 +ONDOWNLOAD FOLDER=c:\ FILE=captcha.jpg\\ ​
 +//'The actual URL with the captcha to download. Change the bold part to the one you need//​\\ ​
 +TAG POS=1 TYPE=IMG ATTR=SRC:​**%%http://​​captcha.aspx%%** CONTENT=EVENT:​SAVEITEM\\ ​
 +TAB OPEN\\ ​
 +TAB T=2\\ 
 +//'In case you have Captcha Breaker running on another IP or Port, change the bold part//​\\ ​
 +URL GOTO=%%http://​%%**​80**/​gsa_test.gsa\\ ​
 +TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:​FILE FORM=ACTION:/​gsa_test.gsa ATTR=NAME:​file CONTENT=C:​\captcha.jpg\\ ​
 +TAG POS=1 TYPE=BODY ATTR=ID:​captcha_result EXTRACT=TXT\\ ​
 +//'Set variable VAR1 with a CAPTCHA text. Change the bold parts to locate the field to put the captcha result in//​\\ ​
 +SET !VAR1 %%{{!EXTRACT}}%%\\ ​
 +TAB T=1\\ 
 +TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:​TEXT FORM=NAME:​**Registform** ATTR=**ID:​captcha** CONTENT=%%{{!VAR1}}%%\\ ​
 +Of course you need to enable the webserver in GSA Captcha Breaker to make it work.