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-====== GSA SEO Indexer ====== 
-**Useful Links**: ​ 
-{{:​seo_indexer.png?​nolink |}} [[seo_indexder:​options|Options]]\\ [[seo_indexder:​batch_mode|Multiple URLs]] 
-This program can be used to get your created backlinks into search engines in a quick way. You simply enter or paste the URL at the top and click the button next to it on the right. 
-You will see a lot pages created at the box below it. However, the links are usually not visible if you visit the main page, only if you double click on it. Though that is usually enough for search engines like google to take notice of it and spider the page to later put it into there index. ​ 
-This will hopefully result in a better ranking once the backlinks to your site are seen by the search engine when crawling them. Though in the end it is the search engine that decides what link to take into there index and what not.