Program Options

Program options affect GSA SER behavior globally. In other words, these are not per project options, but rather application wide options. They apply to every project that you have defined.

Setting Purpose
Threads to use Stub
HTML timeout Stub
Use proxies Stub
Configure proxies Stub

Setting Purpose
Add proxy Stub
Delete proxy Stub
Up Stub
Down Stub
Login Stub
Password Stub
Retry Stub
Use only if PR is greater and less than Stub
Only for Do Follow Links Stub
Show Homepage Stub
Show Test Stub
Finally ask user if everything else fails Stub
Use AskMeBot Stub
AskMeBot Key Stub
AskMeBot Homepage Stub
AskMeBot Test Stub

Setting Purpose
Submit backlink URLs to blog search engines Stub
Add Stub
Edit Stub
Delete Stub
Import Stub
Reset Stub
Send only Do Follow URLs Stub
Send only if PR is greater than Stub

Setting Purpose
Skip submission if the URL domain is appearing on one of the following blacklists Stub
Update interval in minutes Stub
Add Stub
Edit Stub
Delete Stub
Import Stub
Maximum size of a website to download in megabytes (MB) Stub

Setting Purpose
Save identified sites to Stub
Save successful submitted sits to Stub
Save verified sites to Stub
Save failed/skipped to Stub
Save PR with URLs when available Stub
Run in debug mode Stub
Remove debug.html files Stub
Save unanswered questions to a file Stub
API key for Stub

Allows you to save all current global GSA SER settings to file. By default, this is a ZIP file named GSA_SER_Settings.

Lets you restore global settings from a saved backup file. The default backup options file is named You can have a library of many different setting files and load them according to specification.