Article Manager

This article manager is available if you edit projects and the used engines in it use articles as submission.

You can define (import, search, add manually) or delete articles at the top of this dialog. Pressing Add will give you several options to add articles.

Enter manuallyWill open the dialog where you can write your article
Search OnlineWill search for articles matching an entered keyword
Search Online and MixWill search for articles matching an entered keyword and from all found articles, it will try to create a new one.
Import from FolderWill ask for a folder from where to read article content
Import from other projectsWill use already defined articles from other projects
Article BuilderA service creating articles based on a topic.
Big Content SearchA service creating articles based on a keyword.
PLR ArticlesA service creating articles for you.
RoboArticlesA service creating articles based on a topic.
Ultra Spinnable ArticlesA service creating articles for you.
WACA program creating articles on the fly.
XRContentA content generator service.

Beside the above options, you can as well use other programs that create articles for you.

All the above programs have templates to create ready to use data especially for GSA Search Engine Ranker.

A right click on the Box will open other options for you like adding spin syntax to the selected articles or counting the usage of the articles on present verified URLs.

Article Builder Options

The several options enable you to create different looking articles on each submission.

Unless the article is not holding a macro to add the link (anchor text and URL), it has to be added automatically by the software. There are basically three ways how a link can be added:

  1. Sentence at a random location
    This will add a sentence like “For more information about ANCHOR-TEXT-WITH-LINK go here.” at a random location in the article between two sentences.
  2. Sentence at the bottom of the article
    Thats the same as the above option but will add this sentence at the end of the article.
  3. Just a link at a random location
    This is adding just the link between words in a sentence.
  4. Top Anchor - URL with XY%
    This will always use the anchor and URL at the first line of the article. Certain researches have shown that this is a very strong sign for ranking.

Usually just one link is added to the article. This option however will try to add more than one according to your settings. A setting with 0-2 will randomly insert one, two or no link.

To make an article look more natural, it is trying to create backlinks for other word combinations on the article. This makes it harder to identify the aim behind this article and what it should rank for.

Then enabled it is no longer using the pre build URLs to create links, but using search engines to find targets that are found when searching for that anchor text you want to put a link on. Please note that this might also add competitors links into the article when word combinations are chosen being part of your niche. You might also get some people angry if they see a link to there site from your article.

You can also want to use your own URLs when having them in a special format.

Insert up to XYZ random images related to the article

Images in articles make them far more attractive for readers. And it's also a good sign for search engines having articles with related images on them .The program will try to add an image to the article and does a search on certain image search engines to find them. Please note that you might violate other peoples copyright because the results from search engines might return content thats not allowed to be linked to. You can avoid this when adding your own image URLs in the popup box.

Insert up to XYZ random videos related to the article

Videos are also improving the authority of your article. However not all sites support this and it can get removed by the software (if it's known that videos are not allowed to post) or the website itself. An option to insert just one (either an image or video) is check able if both options are checked.

This might destroy the readability but also increases the efficiency (in terms of SEO).

An article should be as unique as possible. To also make it look different each time a submission is done, it is trying to make certain text of the article look different. You can extent this by editing the html_variations.dat file. Always try to use the Preview to see how that variations look like.

If you make use of this option, you will no longer post an article from the defined once above but mix them together to create a new one. The mixing is done as from the options you select here. Don't expect it to be readable though.

Do not submit same article more than XYZ times

When an article is submitted it usually takes a random one from the list. This however might not be suitable for your needs and you can change this behavior to only submit articles not being submitted to that site before or not having been submitted at all. Please note that each added article is seen as one even though it has a spin syntax and produces a lot variations.