Keyword Meta Data

You get a lot of extra valued together with each keyword. Most of that has to be scraped using the TOOLs menu by choosing “Collect Meta Data”.

  • Source: Where was this keyword found/collected
  • SEO-Score: A percentage of how easy it would be to rank for this keyword. This value is calculated by viewing the top search results and checking where this keyword is present (in meta description, title, h1 tags…).
    The higher the value, the easier it might be to rank it.
    A “!” in front of the value will tell you that the search results have some low quality engines that makes it even easier to rank.
  • Search Results (SR): Amount of search results that the search engine would know about.
  • Search Volume (SV): Monthly amount of searches performed.
  • Cost-per-Click (CPC): What would it cost you to pay for ads per click
  • Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR): This is a value often used to identify easy to rank keywords. It's calculation is done by Search Results (allintitle) / Search Volume(<250). Lower values are better and easier to rank.
    < 0.250: You should rank in the top 100 once your page is indexed
    > 0.250: You should still rank in the top 250 pretty quickly
    > 1.000: Harder to Rank
  • Date Added: Obviously the date you added this keyword
  • Rank: When you defined your URL, it will track the ranking of your site to this keyword. You need however perform this search again after a wanted time. However, the position is recorded each time your site was found among the search results. If such data exists, it will display a graph at the bottom of the table.