Unsure Verifications

Many people are unsatisfied with the results the program delivers because many E-Mails might return with an “Unsure” verification status. This is of course very unpleasant but not the fault of the program itself.

It's unfortunately just the way smtp verification works for major email providers. They will check your IP and see it is from a dynamic IP Range which is unlikely to be a valid email server. Thats why they will reject every connection and all the program can tag this email as is “unsure”.

There are however three ways on how to overcome this situation:

  1. Using a VPN that gives you a static IP
  2. Using a proxy that gives a static IP
  3. Using 3rd party verification API accesses from providers like webemailverifier or kickbox.io.

That verification API can be entered into the program settings. The program will only access the service if all other previous tests have been successful (e.g. valid email syntax, domain exists, smtp server exists, connection established…). The result is also cached and safes you as much money as possible.