Command line

The program can be started with parameters to let it search fully automated. It will then set your settings, parse for the items, save the results (only in registered version) and quit silently.

The parameters are as follow:

Parameter Description
-url <url> specify an URL that should be used to start the search
-keyword <keyword> specify the keyword(s) to be searched for (for multiple keywords you should put them in “ …like -keyword “software development“)
-urllist <file> specify a file that has the URLs you want to get parsed
-keywordlist <file> specify a file that holds the keywords you want to parse
-parse <email,phone,fax>specify the items to parse for. E.g. -parse email,phone,fax to parse for all
-keywordcheck <yes,no>make extra check for the keywords on a search result
-subkeywordcheck <yes,no>make extra check for the keywords on a sub pages of search result
-subresults <yes,no> search sub pages within the search result
-urlkeyword <keyword>new found URLs must have these keyword to continue
-levelint <-1..255> how deep to parse internal URLs (0 = page only, 1=sublinks,-1=everything, any other number the leveldeep)
-levelext <-2..255> how deep to parse external URLs (see -levelint, -2 will not parse external sites at all)
-hostonly <yes,no> search host only
-threads <number> how many threads to use
-searchresults <number>how many search engine results to parse
-output <file> save results to file
-maxfromhost <number>not more then XX mails from same host
-continue <project file>Load a previously saved project and continue on it, after work is done, it gets saved again
-project <project file>load a previously saved project and start parsing (no continue)
-stop_at_min <minutes>stop any work at XX Minutes and quit
-automailer starts the automailer
-eset <filename> load email template set (present sets are removed)