Search Engine Ranker

Of course you can use Captcha Breaker (CB) with Search Engine Ranker (SER) in the easiest way possible. In SER you click on options→Captcha→Add and choose Captcha Breaker.

When clicking the TEST button, you should see it being able to communicate with CB. If that's not the case, close SER and start it as Admin (right click on icon→Run as Admin).

If you do not want to see captcha request popups in SER, you have to remove or uncheck the service “Manual Input”.

Another popup with questions can be turned off when you go into project settings and turn the box “If a form field can`t be filled” from “Ask User” to “Random”.

If you still see no captchas being sent to CB, then you should make sure SER is able to download captchas at all (proxies work) and that the project option is enabled to solve captchas (Ask user/external service to fill captchas).