1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Captcha
  3. Choose a captcha captcha service that you have previously enabled to be simulated in GSA Captcha Breaker (in this case AntiCaptcha).
  4. (Optional) You should choose a backup captcha service too which is not simulated (like 2captcha).
  5. Enter ANYTHING as key (or the defined API-Key from GSA Captcha Breaker, if you set one).
  6. A click on Check Balance should show $999 which indicates that this is a simulated reply by GSA Captcha Breaker who is now accepting and solving the captchas for you.
  7. (Optional) Click on Google Captcha tab and choose a captcha service here as well. Please note that GSA Captcha Breaker is only solving image captchas, so don't try to simulate anything here. You SHOULD choose a real captcha service for Google No Captcha because 30% and more of high authority Web 2.0 sites are using Google No Captcha.

Captcha Breaker

  1. Click on Options
  2. Enable the Run as Webserver
  3. Select Anti-Captcha.com as a service to simulate. Select that as only option, else it will also pick up any other calls and redirect it to itself.

Attention: Please extra check that firewall on your system and/or VPS is not blocking certain ports!